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Videos on Demand

Videos on demand are the latest entertainment innovation that help bring viewing pleasure to people wherever and whenever they are their most convenient.

Videos on demand in television

Videos on demand systems work well with households that have DSL connections. Cable companies that offer HDTV programming also offer videos on demand that charge subscribers in a pay-per-view manner. Once videos on demand are selected from the menu, these are played immediately. Home viewers can now watch videos on demand whenever they are most comfortable.

Videos on demand during commercial flights

In-flight entertainment is an example of videos on demand system. Airlines give their passengers options to view videos on demand on personal screens usually located in front of passengers. Passengers are given options of videos on demand through the control panels usually located on the armrests of their seats. Radio broadcasts such as music or commentaries are also offered to passengers via their own personal headsets.

Videos on demand work pretty much like purchasing videos or DVDs and watching them in your own spare time.

Videos on demand on the Internet

Internet users can now have the ease of purchasing or viewing videos on demand through various websites that offer these services. Videos on demand can be viewed through the Internet in two ways:

*Streaming videos on demand
Streaming videos on demand allow viewers to watch their favorite shows, movies or any other video file while connected to the Internet. Videos on demand files are temporarily received by the computer to allow real-time viewing by the user. Streaming videos on demand, however, can not be viewed once the connection to the Internet is terminated. Streaming videos on demand files are not configured to be saved onto the hard disk of computers. That's why many videos on demand websites operate for free. Leading video-hosting sites currently provide videos on demand free of charge for the viewing pleasure of people without leaving copies in the harddrives or disks of their computers. One could, however, use this form of videos on demand by embedding the URL onto a webpage.

*Downloadable videos on demand
Videos on demand can also be downloaded and effectively saved in media player applications using specific format files that can only be played by using a compatible player. Downloaded videos on demand can also be converted into more compatible formats with the help of some file conversion software.